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IBG Nikoil (UralSib) - Corporate Trainings Feedback

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IBG Nikoil (UralSib) - Corporate Trainings Feedback


From: IBG Nikoil


Corporate feedback regarding “Fundamentals of Corporate Project Management” training.

IT Expert Co. has delivered corporate training entitled “Project Management Standard ANSI PMI PMBOK Guide 2000: Corporate Project Management Essentials” for Nikoil Insurance Group. The training has been delivered by Alexander Pavlov, IT Expert Managing Partner. 

Based on feedback from our staff members, the training has been conducted at a high professional level being a valuable assistance in organizing and systematizing participants’ knowledge on the subject, and motivated to further explore PMBOK methods and their practical implementation. 

We would like to particularly note the training mastery of the trainer, high quality of the course materials, and superb organization of the training, made by IT Expert managers. As a result, all communication with IT Expert has flown easily and constructively. 

UralSib (NIKoil) Insurance Group is completely satisfied by the quality of the training services and is looking forward to further collaboration with IT Expert Co. 

S. V. Pavlenko
Head, Staff Management
IBG Nikoil

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