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PM Expert Managing Partners have successfully held training courses in Corfu

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PM Expert Managing Partners have successfully held training courses in Corfu


PM Expert, a member of ARMADA Group (MICEX-RTS: ARMD), has organized Project Management Week on Corfu, June 13-22. As a part of the program, Managing Partners Alexander Kutuzov and Alexander Pavlov have held their training courses. The event also included training session for certification and testing for PME degree.

PM Expert successfully continues a series of international project management master-classes. During the Project management week Alexander Kutuzov (CEO, MP) has held his authors course Project stakeholders management. The workshop participants had an opportunity to get an expert judgment on the most efficient technologies for interaction with stakeholders in the project, as well as to learn how to identify stakeholders, plan to work with them and manage their expectations and involvement in the project.

In his master-class Alexander Kutuzov presented a unique technology of working with project stakeholders, developed on the basis of the companys many years experience. The theoretical material with examples from Alexander Kutuzovs professional experience is surprisingly easy to perceive - said the member of the master class Svetlana Gerasimenko. - Also enjoyed the practical tasks.

Along with the author's course of Alexander Kutuzov, Alexander Pavlov (MP, PMP, PME, PhD, teaching practices supervisor) has also held Program and portfolio management workshop, for the first time in Corfu. Based on the latest editions of Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, the course included the study of the basic principles and approaches to managing projects program and portfolio, processes and knowledge areas, as well as the ways to apply the methods set out in organizations standards and activities. The workshop participants had an opportunity to consolidate the received theoretical knowledge through the practical cases in the format of a business game.

The master-class was highly estimated by the participants (10 on a 10 point scale), who remarked the professionalism, presentation skills of the trainers and interesting and competent presentation of information enabling to successfully master the complex material. After the Project management week in Corfu, Alexander Pavlovs master-class Program and portfolio management entered the line of PM Expert training products offered.

The training session for certification and testing for PME (Project Management Expert) degree became the closing event of the Project management week in Corfu. The course has fully met the expectations, - said one of the participants of the training session, - the knowledge is now structured and the main points are highlighted. I liked the structure of the course (theory - test), everything is clear and understandable. After the training, most participants successfully passed the certification exam and obtained the PME degree (Project Management Expert").

Already for three years we have been holding international workshops, during which we tell about the unique technologies and advanced domestic and international experience in project management, - Alexander Kutuzov. - International activities of our company are invariably popular, and we plan to expand the line of similar training programs based on innovative developments and technologies of PM Expert and our foreign partners. The next master-class, dedicated to project stakeholders management, is planned in Munich in mid-November.

Feedback from participants of the Project Management Week in Corfu

The Project management week in Corfu left the most favorable impression. The high professionalism of trainers, interesting and topical issues, exciting business cases allowed to spend a useful week on the beautiful island of Corfu.

Natalia Chirun

Master-class "Project management week in Corfu" exceeded all our expectations. Everything was at the highest level: the educational part and entertainment. Master classes were held in a friendly atmosphere, time flew by unnoticed, and we managed to cover a large amount of theoretical material and elaborate interesting practical cases. The exam was not easy, but we coped with it thanks to good preparation. We spent a wonderful free time either: a beautiful island, sea, sun, boat trips, dinners with guitar songs and dancing, and much more interesting! Thank you very much for such an opportunity to combine business with pleasure!

Svetlana Gerasimenko

The event was organizationally well prepared: a comfortable room, visual educational material, intelligent communication, worked-out practical tasks and methods of monitoring the accuracy and correctness of the knowledge gained. I would like to mention the professionalism of A.Kutuzov, A.Pavlov, M.Vasilevskaja.

Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation,
Alexander Suvorov

Thank you for organizing and holding "Project management week in Corfu." I want to point to:

  • attentive attitude to the participants;
  • interesting training, exceeding all our expectations, useful skills;
  • effective preparation for the test;
  • friendly atmosphere;
  • organization of the entertaining program for the whole team of the master-class.

Victor Troshin, Jana Troshina

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