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PM Expert supported the gas field development project in Western Siberia

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PM Expert supported the gas field development project in Western Siberia


PM Expert Company, a member of the Armada Group (MICEX-RTS: ARMD), has successfully completed the contract PMC (Project Management Contractor) on rendering services to support Syskonsyninsky gas field project management.

JSC Evrotek, which is a part of a joint venture of Spanish Repsol and Russian Alliance Oil Company - A&R Oil and Gaz BV (AROG), deals with the development of the Syskonsyninsky gas field in Berezovsky district of Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Region. Field development project has been divided by the customer into 4 phases, 2 of which were supported by the PM Expert Company’s project services.

At the first stage in the project PM Expert conducted a survey, in which, together with the customer's experts were developed the documents establishing procedures for project planning, implementation and management, as well as the key ways of interaction between the project team and external functional services of the customer.

After completion of the survey and approval of management plans and execution of the project, as well as requirements for the calendar-network model and reporting system, PM Expert specialists developed an integrated detailed schedule of the two phases of the project development of the gas fields. The basic planning principles were:

  • selection of starting complexes corresponding to the project independent outcomes - commissioning of gas from individual platforms;
  • consideration of the physical volume of construction works;
  • coordination of the detailed graphics with diurnal-monthly reports of technical supervision service;
  • assessment of the progress through a system of weighting coefficients calculated on the basis of volume.

At the stage of project support specialists PM Expert together with the customer's team conducted weekly update calendar-network model and the formation of a set of project reporting.

By working together, an effective project management system for the Syskonsyninsky gas field development was built, which yielded the first gas with a deviation of less than 5% of the target date and also complete all the planned work to meet deadlines.

“For most projects, the correct and realistic planning is critical because the failure of plans often entails significant losses, - said the head of JSC Evrotek project management and field construction, Alexey Vorontsov. – The Syskonsyninsky gas field development project is no exception. Cooperation with PM Expert has enabled us to plan in detail first, and then to implement the works on two phases of the project with minimal deviations from the original schedule, and also form an effective project management system, which should be forwarded to the next steps of Syskonsyninsky and our other gas fields’ development.”

“Over the recent years attention to the best project management practices as a key tool to achieve the organization’s business goals has been greatly enhanced by the oil and gas companies, - commented Ivan Smirnov, Deputy CEO of PM Expert. - More and more customers delegate project management to professional specialized companies providing PMC (Project Management Contractor) services. Being independent of the general contractor, the PMC company provides comprehensive project and program management and guarantees the customer to get the planned result in the time.”

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