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Project Management Certification

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Project Management Certification

Certification is documentary evidence confirming specialists’ theoretical knowledge and practical experience in a certain sphere.

PM Expert developed its proprietary project management certification system, which takes into account specific features of project management in Russia and is based on the world’s best standards in this area.

Up until recently, only foreign certification systems were known in Russia, which is due to the fact that project management is a young independent knowledge area that took its shape in the West in 1980s. Foreign institutes offered ready-made project management standards, whereas Russia required systematization of project management knowledge and practice that had existed in the USSR.

PM Expert presented its PME® (Project Management Expert) certification in November 2008 and announced the launch of its PMEP© (Project Management Expert Practitioner) certification in January 2011. The company also certifies other companies in terms of their project management systems’ compliance with PM Expert’s requirements.

Why is Certification Needed?

Project management certification provides big advantages to specialists and organizations. These include:

  • mastering the knowledge obtained in the course of project management training;
  • raising one’s own educational level;
  • acquiring the status of an expert and hence becoming demanded in the labor market;
  • increasing one’s personal competitive advantages compared to other specialists within one’s own organization and when applying for a new job;
  • standardizing the system of project management knowledge: all Project Management Office staff have common understanding of project management principles and techniques, which ultimately results in higher performance;
  • strengthening the company’s reputation as an organization that employs highly professional specialists and that has developed an effective Corporate Project Management System.

PM Expert is a well-known brand name in the Russian market, which guarantees that the certificate will be recognized in professional circles.

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