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PME (Project Management Expert) Certification

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PME (Project Management Expert) Certification

Certifying management staff and project managers as PME (Project Management Expert) allows specialists to confirm their project management knowledge with documentary evidence.

PME is the first level within the certification system that is currently being developed by PM Expert. It certifies an applicants theoretical knowledge based on the worlds best practices in project management and specific features of project management in Russia.

A PME certificate confirms that the level of its owners project management knowledge complies with PM Experts requirements to the Project Management Expert competence. The certificate is awarded to an applicant after his passing the appropriate tests and evidences his knowledge in the following project management areas:

  • general project management issues;
  • Project Integration Management;
  • Project Scope Management;
  • Project Time Management;
  • Project Cost Management;
  • Project Quality Management;
  • Project Human Resource Management;
  • Project Communications Management;
  • Project Risk Management;
  • Project Procurement Management..

The testing is in Russian, it lasts 4 hours and includes 200 questions. The test is considered to be passed if the total number of correct answers is 67% or more.

Advantages of PME Certification

A PME certificate can become a considerable advantage for specialists of all levels in any areas of business both in strengthening their positions in the company and applying for a new job.

By carrying out PME certification testing among their employee, the companys executives can assess their competences and identify project management areas, in which their employees need further development.

PME certification is also a tool for assessing the competencies of those applying for the companies vacancies.

Prerequisites for PME Candidates

The procedure for getting a permit to sit for the PME test is simplified compared to its western analogues. It is in Russian and does not require any confirmation of project management practical experience or professional development units acquired through attending lectures.

However, passing the PME exam requires serious and high-quality preparation on behalf of candidates, which can be in a form of training at PM Experts courses or courses delivered by other companies or self-training.

By now, 58.63% of those applying for the PME exam have passed the test and received their certificates.

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