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PMEP (Project Management Expert Practitioner) Certification

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PMEP (Project Management Expert Practitioner) Certification

Certifying project managers as PMEP (Project Management Expert Practitioner) allows applicants to confirm their project management knowledge and successful project management experience with documentary evidence.

PMEP is the second level within the project management certification system that is being developed by PM Expert.

A PMEP certificate confirms that its owners project management knowledge and experience comply with PM Experts requirements to the Project Management Expert Practitioner competence.

In order to become PMEP, applicants are to pass a certification exam, which implies delivering a presentation to the expert commission on managing one of the applicants projects.

Getting a permit to sit for the certification exam requires that the applicant:

  • Should fill in an applicants questionnaire and send it by e-mail to
  • Should have implemented at least 2 projects as a project manager during the 4 years immediately preceding the certification date. The requirements to the projects level are that these projects should be meaningful to the organization as a whole and their resource consumption should be at least 60 man-months.
  • Should be a PME (Project Management Expert) as of the certification date to confirm his theoretical project management knowledge.

The applicant is notified in writing about the permit to sit for the PMEЩ exam after his questionnaire has been reviewed.

After the questionnaire is confirmed, the applicant needs to prepare a presentation based on the presentation template available, which is then to be delivered at the certification exam, on managing one of his own projects and send it by e-mail to

Certification Exam

The PMEЩ examination is administered by a commission composed of project management experts. The applicant is to describe his managing one of his projects, the story being accompanied by a presentation.

  • The exam takes place in PM Experts training center located at 15 Kalanchyovskaya St., Moscow.
  • When taking the exam, the applicant is to have his passport and the documents confirming his status of a project manager of the announced projects (e.g. copies of excerpts from his labor book, assignment memos, his supervisors official letters, etc.) with him. It is also necessary to have the documents confirming the actions related to managing the selected project: plans, reports, minutes, etc. (in soft version or hard copies).
  • The applicants report is to contain information about major project management aspects (project time, scope, team, and risk management, etc.).
  • Up to 40 minutes are given to deliver the report.
  • Throughout the report and after its presentation, the members of the commission ask questions to the applicant about his fulfilling project management functions and the content of the documents.
  • On the whole, the certification lasts up to 1.5 astronomical hours without a break.
  • After the exam is over, the members of the expert commission assess the applicants presentation on a 1 to 10 scale and make a decision as to the result of the PMEP certification. The certification is considered to be successfully passed if the applicants final score equals or exceeds 6.5 (on a 1 to 10 scale).

The certification results are announced to the applicant no later than 30 minutes after the exam is over. If the certification is successfully passed, the applicant is awarded a PMEЩ certificate and a copy of the score card. If the exam is failed, only a copy of the score card is provided.

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