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Project Management Systems Certification in Companies

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Project Management Systems Certification in Companies

The certification is designed to assess the maturity level of project management systems in companies and organizations. It confirms these systems’ efficiency and compliance with PM Expert’s requirements with documentary evidence.

The certificate awarded as a result of the certification allows the customer company to confirm its professional reputation in the market as well as check the reliability and efficiency of its current project management system.

Applying for Certification

Certification can be applied for by any company or organization engaged in project management regardless of its business. The only requirement is that it should have at least 5 projects implemented completely.

The company wishing to have its project management system certified is to fill in an application and send it by e-mail to


The certification methodology includes the following stages:

  • Carrying out the assessment (certification audit) at the applicant company’s sites:
    • analyzing documents regulating project management activities,
    • interviewing those involved in project activities,
    • analyzing project management reporting documents.
  • Scoring the assessment results.
  • Preparing the report and – if the audit yields positive results – the certificate. The certificate of conformance is transferred to the applicant organization within one month after the assessment is completed.
  • Carrying out inspection reviews (audits) during the certificate validity period in order to confirm the high level of the project management system.


The company whose audit was a success is awarded a certificate of conformance that is registered in the Register of Certified Organizations. This certificate is valid for 3 years. During this time, the company will need to have the acquired status confirmed: its certified management system will undergo periodical inspection (audit) at least once a year (at least two reviews will be carried out during the certificate validity period).

Cost of Certification

The cost of certification is determined based on the audit duration, which depends upon the number of projects implemented in the company and the number of personnel involved in project management in the organization under review.

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