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Project Management Consulting

1. Overview

Effective project management (PM) is a key success factor for the modern businesses, which build their operational foundation on project-type activities. Project management methods are being used across a variety of industries: IT and Telecom, Construction and Energy, Pharmacy and Investment. Today, project management plays a much greater role in many organizations, than a decade or two ago. The demand for professional project managers with universal skills is significantly higher than the supply available on the Russian job market. PM Expert offers a number of project management solutions that have already been successfully launched in major companies:

  • Assessment and Audit
  • Consulting Solutions

Our experience confirms the fact that effective corporate project management is built on methods and standards of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – the quintessence of the world’s best PM practices. Moreover, it greatly complements existent Russian expertise in project management. PM Expert is the first company on the Russian PM market that acquired official certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® – a leading non-commercial organization promoting excellence and professionalism in project management.

2. Project management Assessment & Audit

The role of project-type activities rises along with urgent necessity to deliver projects on time and according to the plan and budget. Immediate focus on these tasks naturally leads top-managers to the best practices and international experience in project management. Dynamic conditions of the modern business and critical importance assigned to some projects result in keen interest to optimize PM processes and bring about transparency and control over the project execution.

PM Expert team has the complete toolkit of knowledge and skills, complemented by the extensive PM experience to deliver a high-quality independent audit of the corporate project management practices. Based on the audit results, Customer organizations are able to optimize in-house PM practices within a short-term period. The key audit tasks include:

  • Current PM practices, documentation, and processes analysis;
  • Contrasting of the ongoing PM situation to the internationally accepted PM practices, based on PMBOK® Guide and best Russian experience;
  • Reviewing “bottleneck” factors in project management processes, such as: scope management, change management, procurement management, et cetera;
  • Definition and prioritization of the key steps for consecutive optimization of the project management processes;
  • Delivery of recommendations based on PMBOK® Guide methods, aimed at optimization of the project management effectiveness and value return for Customer’s business;

PM Expert offers a complete range of professional services in independent project and portfolio management audit and consulting. We account for both the needs and the specificity of each Customer’s business.

3. Consulting Solutions

Corporate project management system (CPMS) is a complex multidimensional entity, which allows to build intelligent and transparent “rules of the game” for project management. They are built at all enterprise levels (organizational, informational, infrastructure) and at every point of the project life cycle – from project initiation to result delivery and project close out. The key elements of the CPMS include:

  • Corporate Project & Portfolio Management Methodology;
  • Project Office and Project Committee;
  • Project Management Information System.

Each component of this triade incorporates an array of solutions. Their number and selection is justified to a great degree by the needs and the specificity of the Customer’s business.

Benefits of CPMS implementation include:

  • Unified and clear project management rules for all parties involved;
  • Transparency and control over project execution life-cycle;
  • Significant increase in effectiveness of projects and their results (reaching project goal on time and within budget);
  • Increase in overall quality of products and services;
  • Big picture of all corporate projects (basis for informed decision-making and effective resource management); Balanced project portfolio;
  • Alignment of projects with strategic goals of the business.

PM Expert offers a complete range of professional services in implementation of full-scale corporate project management systems accounting for both the needs and the specificity of each Customer’s business.


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