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Description of the Service to Customize a Project Management Training Program

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Description of the Service to Customize a Project Management Training Program

The quality of project management training is in many respects determined by the match of the instructional and practical material to the specific features of the companys core activities. Training programs become more effective if there is a correlation between the suggested approaches and the challenges, which are faced by the course attendees as part of their work assignments and projects and are therefore of special interest to them.

In order to improve the training effectiveness, PM Expert offers its customers to have training programs adjusted and customized to the specific features of project activities and business needs.

Developing Business Cases Based on the Companys Typical Project

PM Experts consulting trainer and the customers representative in charge determine together, which project is the most typical one for the companys business and can serve as a basis for a case study to be weaved throughout the course and implemented by the attendees during it.

Based on the information received, the consulting trainer develops a set of exercises and role-play games, which simulate various aspects of project management and are united by a common legend the training project.

Upon the adjustment, the theoretical part of the course still remains unchanged and describes classical project management approaches based on the world project management standard A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). However, the practical part, which allows practicing the acquired knowledge through the simulation of real-life project environment, becomes fully aligned with the specific features of the companys activities and makes mastering the material especially effective.

Adapting the Training Course to the Specific Features of the Customers Activities

As part of this service, PM Expert not only develops an adapted case study but also partially refines the courses theoretical material adjusting it to the companys policies and procedures that apply to project implementation.

The attendees get an opportunity not only to familiarize with world best practices in project management but also to practice specific project management approaches and techniques adopted or being adopted in the company.

In order to prepare and introduce the necessary changes, PM Expert carries out a number of pre-training activities aimed at identifying, formalizing, and systematizing project management best practices in the company and including the prepared material into the training program to the best advantage.

Developing a Specialized Training Program for the Customer Company

This service is offered to the companies that have their own unique project management approaches, which are adapted to their operations, and are interested in carrying out training programs that would consider all the specific features of their activities.

Some examples of specialized methodologies may include: software development or ERP-system implementation methodologies, telecom project implementation methodologies, methodological approaches to implementing projects to develop oil and gas fields, and many others.

The most important attribute of specialized methodologies is an effective combination of general project management principles and specific features of the companys end-product development cycle.

In order to accomplish the objective effectively and incorporate the specific features of the customer companys business into the training, PM Expert develops specialized training programs together with the clients specialists to train project managers within a specific industry.

The programs developed can then be delivered either by PM Experts consulting trainers or the specially trained customers trainers.

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